Dr. Mattie McGlothen Library Museum

Programs and Projects

Stories You Should Know

Rolling exhibits sharing African American stories of the Civil Rights Movement, great men and women of history and their connection to the Church of God in Christ.

Dr. Emma J. Clark Scholarship

The Foundation provides ongoing support to the California Northwest Education Department (CNED). The Dr. Emma J. Clark Foundation scholarship is awarded to graduating high school seniors.

Library Launch

Provide training and resources to help churches establish a library, and assist local churches with providing training and resources for members to become church historians.

Warren Publishing Group - Advocacy for Seniors

In partnership with Warren Publishing Group to support their programs and services for seniors and veterans.

International Project

Reading Circle Zambia Africa

The Foundation donated computers, books, and school supplies to the Zambia International Mission. The donations are part of an ongoing effort to improve the accessibility and quality of education from early childhood through primary, secondary and high school for children in Zambia.